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Hump day
Feb 2019

I am a girl of structure, routine and thrive – I am also an oxymoron, go figure. Every so often I break the mould, this doesn’t include my non-negotiables however. I will leap at spontaneity, skip work to get creative flow and have a writer’s retreat at home; I have learnt to do this the more I found freedom in myself. When he is on evenings and our schedules haven’t been able to meet we make a mid-morning of it, unintentionally often falling on “hump day”. Effort is made, this beamingly sexy.    

aPRIL 2018

I became a client of Waterlily in 2017. A beautiful boutique concept store located in James Street Brisbane. Being a (almost) Clinical Nutritionist, I am passionate about natural medicine and nutrition and this goes beyond just intake but rather the body as whole including nourishment of skin. Fun fact – it is the largest organ of the body.

february 2018

I thought I would check in as it has been a little while and since the release of my last blog on “Available Mum” there has been a large response to keep continuing to blog, lucky, because that is exactly my thing. So it turns out there are now a few hundred of you reading my posts and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you.


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