2018 Goals

So I am not one for New Years Resolutions. For me personally it is very black and white thinking which I just don’t relate to anymore and sets up for expectations and perhaps “disappointment’ when we are all on this journey here for personal growth. But I do believe in having goals and always working towards something.

I admit I have a stubborn and determined personality type that actually is a huge asset. If I want change I tend to act on it straight away instead of giving myself a time line. It used to drive my Mother mad but she can see how it works for me now. I do however admit if it is scary there will be a little hesitation followed by a jump. Kind of like a band aid action. I actually put in place a lot of my happenings for 2018 at the end of November and look forward to sharing soon – Let just say I have entered a whole different world of business affairs and hopefully some next level stuff coming home. This is the goal anyway.

  • Start Vlogging on Insta Stories

Fun Fact: You would of NEVER seen my talking on insta stories. True story I get really nervous and I am actually really shy until you get to know me.. then I don’t shut up. Lets hope this is not for the case for stories. I tried once but ended up having a 3 minute conversation with myself and it was all too bizarre really!

  • More Self Dates

spent a lot of time alone. I mean a lot. However in this time it is often spent on uni work, blogging, working on building that personal empire or Yoga and Running. I used to take myself out a lot. I mean I do work from Cafes sometimes but instead of waiting around for a guy to take me out on dinner date, time to wine and dine myself again instead of Rose’ on the couch with Ubereats… Beccofinos, Jellyfish and Sono here I come. I will be Teneriffe local again in a few weeks so the selection will not be hard. Oh and I will try to get to the movies again. This is something I always have done by myself but have been once since Mabel was born and I am dying to see Star Wars.  

  • Business Goals

This is where I have a lot of upcoming and entering more of the business side of life and involves submissions and events. As I said, watch this space but lets put it in writing.

  • Gratitude Daily

Something I do on the Mat daily but have decided to keep a journal. Call me old fashioned by I still love to jot everything down by pen and paper. I do believe I have been dished out a lucky life and like to acknowledge tha

  • UNI

I enter my final(ish) year, I may have to do a Summer Semester or perhaps one or two subjects the start of 2019 but may uni continue to flow.

My goal for 2018 and every year is to keep evolving, to keep being me, keep doing this life thing and to share with others what I have found to help me along the way. Just keep doing the work and you will get to be exactly where you need to be reaching those milestones and goals along the way. I have a lot of long term goals that are always on the making and daily contributed too but not specific to 2018 – however they may happen in this year. My words of this year are VIBRATE and SHINE. I have done a lot of growing in the last couple of years and believe 2018 is for action. Oh and I if I do have to put a deadline on something.. It is to clean up my computer and photos on my phone (that is the type of scary I am talking about!) 

Lexi x