Hump Day

I am a girl of structure, routine and thrive – I am also an oxymoron, go figure.


Every so often I break the mould, this doesn’t include my non-negotiables however. I will leap at spontaneity, skip work to get creative flow and have a writer’s retreat at home; I have learnt to do this the more I found freedom in myself. When he is on evenings and our schedules haven’t been able to meet we make a mid-morning of it, unintentionally often falling on “hump day”. Effort is made, this beamingly sexy.   


It has been nice to become sexually familiar with someone and build a bond. Not in love or a relationship, but that in fact we enjoy each other’s company from time to time. The difference is, there is respect and we know what we are there for, no expectations of each other leave all feelings blissful and real – there is no pressure to be anything but yourself, the way life should be. This is a new phenomenon for me as I openly admit I got stuck in a cycle of “whatever they were” that were disrespectful, yeah it wasn’t nice, and I wasted good mascara but more importantly, my time – but I gave it a shot, I’ve always held hope so I never stopped searching, I am aware these are lessons I had to learn. What you miss most of all with those happenings is you miss the magic what sex is about for me. Essentially life is mystical to me as a creative, and so is my bedroom life.


There is something refreshing about mid-morning sex, everyone is at work and just for this morning, it is yours and falls in the category for self-care if it is of equality for both. You have your own little world, you are present, energy is at peak.  Breath still smells of coffee, freshly showered and coconut oiled after the Yoga and the gym, you do it out of routine but know you are going to have to shower again later.


It happens, maybe twice, maybe three times and there is no hurry because you both showed for this, busy lives, this keeps us present, we crack smiles and burst into laughter, it is sexy and cute combined. There is stretching, you delve in deep, body and mind becomes alive.  


The pillow talk is of more substance at this time of the day, what are you going to achieve today? Reading chapters allowed from your new book that you are both interested in because it talks about anatomy and is science based – that is the common interested that bought you both together in the first place.   


As he walks out the door, I give him a kiss and say “thanks for coming” and he replies “thanks for coming also” – that will never get old. I guess you could say we got over the hump of the week.


Post sex glow and oxytocin flow, the rest of the day is yours to explore, to create and you are left in a drug like state. The secret is between you both and the smile doesn’t come off the face all day. In fact, you have forgotten anyone else exists which is perfect for a creative wanting to get into their zone. As I work from bed (because this is what days like these are for) the sheets remain scrunched, tangles and use.. I’m reminded and cant wipe the experience,.  

Song “Here’s to us” Ellie Goulding

Lexi Crouch