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I thought I would check in as it has been a little while and since the release of my last blog on “Available Mum” there has been a large response to keep continuing to blog, lucky, because that is exactly my thing. So it turns out there are now a few hundred of you reading my posts and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you.

So I haven’t touched based since January and during that time I had quite a lot on and a few significant changes. I took on a few subjects for Summer Semester and can live to tell the tale post exams, I also moved from my house in Indooroopilly of 2 years back to my original stomping ground – Teneriffe. Can I just say, it is good to be home and I wont be downsizing from a house to an apartment anytime again soon.

I find myself in really good place at the moment, I am still in energy and happenings of the New Year and can I say, last year was definitely left at last year. We all have years, 2017 wasn’t mine, yet extremely fundamental and led me to where I am now TA DA! I definitely made some kick ass lemonade at the end of last year that truly set me on my Entrepreneur path and watch this place.. Release of this will be happening over the next month or two.

I believe where you live has a great impact on your life and mood and general and is great to be back by the river. I am an early riser – part me, part Mabel, so it nice to rise with the sun, jump on the Yoga Mat, grab a coffee at my favourite café and go for a walk along the Teneriffe stretch. I know there is no such thing as perfect but surely this has got to come close. I also am in the ultimate spot for morning and afternoon #becspam as my apartment looks onto the river. Seriously thank you Universe you have always got my back and look after me well.

I do miss Bec a lot and I can say January is when it hit me the hardest. There had been moments where it was reflective and nice to feel her presence from day to day but January leading to February is where I felt it most. I remember waking up one morning soon after the Hottest 100 / Australia Day Weekend and it finally hit me. It was also around the time I was moving house and well, it felt strange not having her there folding my undies being chill as anything whilst I ran around stressing not being productive. This is just how we were. One of the best features about the new place is it looks onto the Jetty where we used to hang out. This was not planned and I hadn’t even realized until I officially moved in. I was talking about it to Bec’s Mum and we had a laugh about how funny it would be if she was still there.. I guess we would have telescopes set up. Besides the Hottest 100 aka Bec Day (which well happened to be one of the best weekends in a while.. think 3 day party and 2 weeks to recover, yeah this Mum still has it in her) It was January going into February realizing this was the last bit of Summer. That was hard. Ive learnt to go with the waves of it all and turn on “Blood” covered by Gang of Youths which was played at her funeral.

Generally though, I have a lot of specific blog topics to cover which I have been working on, this is just a general check in and thank you for your support of the previous one. I received a lot of backlash, mostly trolls behind their computer being judgemental but also so many beautiful words from many and hope it has inspired you to get out there. On the dating front, I have given it a rest for the while. I have met people outside of apps lately and prefer that engagement you know, BBQs, Parties all a part of being 20 something. But seriously, have realized it is not my priority at the moment and I am just here to have fun and have met some awesome people along the way. Should anyone of an opinion of this, there is a comment box at the end ha ha.

As it stands, I am in the period between Summer School and Semester one so I am finalizing work and uni timetables for the next 6 months, spending some quality time with Mabel and doing what I always do on Holidays, cooking, business planning and writing  up a storm. If you live in Teneriffe / Newstead and are hungry be sure to drop over for snacks. On Tuesdays we wine, pizza and Kenrick Lamar.

Later Lovers, hoping you are all doing ok.

Lexi x – Song “ Feel the Way I do” Jungle Giants

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