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The Sometimes Lover
NOV 2018

You meet a guy, not from an app or online, but a party, or a barbeque rather as we now call it upon the age of thirty, and strange to be a real-life encounter.  Once upon a time you wished he was the one but know he will never be for perhaps it will ruin the magic and what you have learnt from lovers in the past you cannot force it. He can make you smile just thinking about him or replaying a vision of last time you “caught up”. That smile and the glaze in the eyes, it is oh so real and he knows it as well. You would be so much more mysterious if you were and subtle, but both agree it is refreshing and real to see in a world that has hidden this. You are aware that this has a pull and you’re in, it is your addiction of choice.  


aPRIL 2018

I became a client of Waterlily in 2017. A beautiful boutique concept store located in James Street Brisbane. Being a (almost) Clinical Nutritionist, I am passionate about natural medicine and nutrition and this goes beyond just intake but rather the body as whole including nourishment of skin. Fun fact – it is the largest organ of the body.

february 2018

I thought I would check in as it has been a little while and since the release of my last blog on “Available Mum” there has been a large response to keep continuing to blog, lucky, because that is exactly my thing. So it turns out there are now a few hundred of you reading my posts and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you.


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